Okay, it was The History Channel…


Okay…it was The History Channel

We are at liberty now to talk about why Bill Engvall and Reno Collier showed up at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry a while back, in a big ol’ tour bus with a full blown movie crew.
Drum roll please…They were filming an episode for a new made for television movie series called,“Back in my day”.

So how did all this come to happen? Well, one day, Glendale Pawn received a call from a delightful lady in New York and she explained that they would like to see if we would host a History Channel film crew, as well as a couple of big celebrities and serve as the location for a scene in an upcoming movie. So what can you say to an offer like that? Of course we said SURE! Now the magical question in azpawn’s mind was, “Okay…why did you select Glendale Pawn and Jewelry for this?” The delightful New York lady said that it was the image that we projected online. Our website was super clean and easy to navigate and the online photos of our shop showed a sparkling clean store with some super friendly looking staff. Oh yeah…another drum roll please…she said that there were folks back there in pretty high places that regularly read our famous/infamous BLOG!

Wow…how many pawn shops at any given time are lobbying The History Channel for some exposure and they call US just because they like our website and our blog?

It took about three weeks of intense e-mail exchanges in order to get everything together for the arrival of the celebrities and the film crew. Of course all of this had to be conducted in strict secrecy and we couldn’t really talk about anything until we were given the permission to do so. We couldn’t let the word get out that Bill Engvall and Reno Collier would be at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry because if it did, we may not have had room in the parking lot for all the fans.

So everyone showed up, it was a GREAT shoot and we learned that Bill and Reno are a couple of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. They spent a bunch of time hanging out, signing autographs and just generally being “Regular guys at the Pawn Shop”. Also, The History Channel film crew was VERYgracious and polite…and they also bought our infamous MONKEY which they promptly secured to the dash of the tour bus.

Now this may have been our first time working with the national media in this big of a realm, but we’ve worked with broadcast media long enough to know that just because something is filmed…it doesn’t mean that it’s going to make it to air. Such is the case for “Back in my day”. Sadly the network decided not to move forward with the series. Perhaps it was a matter of politics, budget or some other factor, but never the less, it is apparently a non-starter.

Are we disappointed? Of course we are! But! We got to meet some super celebrities, we had a great day with a bunch of great people and the fundamental HONOR of all this remains…Glendale Pawn and Jewelry was chosen as THE location for THE HISTORY CHANNEL film shoot.

Besides…if we decide now to pitch our own “Pawn Shop television series”, we have the right relationships, names and phone numbers to get it done.You knew THAT was coming…right?

Stay tuned and see what happens!

“We’re glad you’re here!”