The Pawn Shop as a Museum…

By now everyone is aware that Glendale Pawn and Jewelry is THE place to get some fast, hassle-free cash for all of those OH NO! Moments…like when the lawn mower fires a rock through the patio doors or the dog decides to eat that thing that has been stinkin’ up the garage. (Hey, we’ve been there too…we’ve got kids that think they’re super-heros, animals that have open accounts at the vets and cars that will occasionally spew unknown liquids all over the road for no apparent reason.)

So we’re the place to make the mad dash for the emergency cash…but what’s cool is that we’re also known as the place that’s great fun to browse around in and find heretofore unknown “treasures” for sale. Yes, at least 50% of the fun of visiting Glendale Pawn and Jewelry (Some would probably say 75%) are all the unusual things that inhabit the shelves, nooks and crannies. Now we’re in the business of reselling things and eventually everything goes on to a new “home”, but it does seem that we also serve as a temporary “museum” of sorts.

Without too much effort, one can see the vast collection of jewelry, the majority of which could certainly qualify as fine art. Also on display is a variety of art work ranging from paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics. By digging a bit deeper and asking one of our helpful staff members, “Hey! What’s your favorite thing in the store?” could result in seeing an antique firearm, a collection of Civil War letters or some very rare coins and print money.

Now where we differ from a museum is our attitude and feelings for these items. Now museums are great places and they’re absolutely vital to preserving our history and various different cultures. To a museum an object is just that…an object. It’s an artifact that helps preserves a specific culture or era. Nothing more…and nothing less. To a Pawn Shop, an item represents a connection to a person…a living, breathing entity with an emotional connection our store and our staff and a closeness to us that goes beyond being labeled a mere artifact. These items are important to us, because we know they were important to others. Regardless of how we came into possessions of these things…every single person here at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry understands that while these things mean a great deal to us, they will never mean as much to us as they did to the previous owners…and therein lies the fundamental difference between the Pawn Shop and the museum.

The majority of our more “Unusual” items are purchased from people who just don’t want them anymore. Perhaps they are collectors who are running out of room. Perhaps the items were inherited or maybe the interest in them has just run the proverbial course and cash is a much more useful commodity at that particular time. We would imagine that for most of the readers of our Pawn Shop Blog, a similar situation may exist in their homes. Do you have a drawer of old gold jewelry at home? Too many designer purses? Antique firearms? Home electronics? All of these and more can be turned into fast, hassle-free cash at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry.

Looking to acquire a genuine conversation piece? Look no further! We have artwork, antiques, vintage and retro items all presented by people who absolutely care about the items that we offer and the people who come to see us.

So next time you feel like visiting a museum, come see us and the chances are that you’ll go home with a new “Prize” for your collection and a conversation piece that will be talked about for generations…at least until it’s time to put it back into circulation…at the Pawn Shop. Can you do that at the museum? Didn’t think so…
Oh yeah and never forget! “We’re glad you’re here!”